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A Moment

A Moment in life can change everything.....

On the 11th of Feb, a 270 year old Tembusa tree had lived it's life and it fell. This happened in Singapore's famous Botanical gardens. As mother Earth let go of this ancient beauty, it also took away the life of a young mother. This young mother happened to be Radhika my friend Gitah Angara's daughter.

So many dreams, so many lives, so many desires, shattered in ONE moment-

How to understand this - 

How to accept this-

But life moves on-

That Moment is gone , nothing is same anymore-

Can I be in the present n live this moment fully-

Can I enjoy & live every Moment of my life

Can I be grateful for what I have now-

So many Questions----


A moment in time & it is all shattered.

These flowers I can make again, but where do I help those hearts that cry for their mother, their daughter who is now no more.

Ruby JhunjhunwalaComment