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Results of a fired kiln

By now u all know I am a ceramic Artist.

After a wait of 12 hours the kiln door is opened a few inches. The hot air  rushes out, warning me to stay away. Temperature is still too high. I know if I touch my ceramic works I will burn my fingers, despite that hands reach out. 

Patience is now wearing out. As the first gush of hot air subsides I get the first glimpse of the matured glazed surfaces.

Once again in amazement I see the results of the five elements mingling-Earth, Fire, Air ,Water & Ether (my creative senses)

What emerges is a -- 'A visual  Explosion'

The heat in the kiln and the oxygen starved kiln atmosphere create a fusion of glossy, Matt and intermingled colored glazes

I love the uncertainty of the final outcome when the five elements mingle

Ruby JhunjhunwalaComment