Watch this space for insights from the artist herself.

Explosive Silence - A Journey

These Ceramic Art works were made some years ago. 
With thought , care and precision,
Conical forms placed within a basic form.
As I silently worked into the clay
The form took the energy of a gentle explosion.
Like the seeds that swell before they sprout.
An idea, a thought and then an energy,  became a visual form.
They adorned the wall of a showroom, and one day the wire snapped. 
They fell, but a form still remained,
I placed them in my backyard with my plants.
They never go unnoticed.
They still have their own voice
Despite the weeds that grow around them they remain silent, accepting their space and almost flourishing in it.
Did I reject them?
I cannot throw them out of my life but I have put them out in the garden. 
They are no longer in my home. Why did I do that? 
I feel I want to bring them in and give them a new life
Maybe in the process I too shall learn to love and accept just a bit more.