• “As a Pebble Surrenders , I accept” - A ceramic installation of 200 Ceramic pebbles & handmade paper art. Part of the Photosphere show at IHC Delhi, curated by Dr Alka Pande. India, February to march 2019.

  • “ Woven Together” a collaborative Installation work curated and conceptualized and executed by Ruby Jhunjhunwala , at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur, Rajasthan ,India. August 2018

  • “Windows” - Collaboration with Shraddha Borawake, June 2016

  • “Her Within and Without”- MonaLisa Art Gallery, collaboration with Shraddha Borawake, Nov 2015

Solo shows

  • “Moon & me”  a solo exhibition at Vikas Studio , Pune, Maharashtra, India, February 2018

  • “ Stitch by Stitch” & Moons - Kolkata, group exhibition curated by Non Kulhad at HASC art Gallery, India. November 2018

  • “A Life well lived“ Adab Centre   2014

  • Studio Estique, Pune, Naked Raku 2009

  • Studio Pottery, solo  Cymroza Art, gallery, Mumbai. November 2000

  • Contemporary Arts And Crafts, Hyderabad Solo  November 1999*

  • Design Forum- Inside Outside Mega Show, Pune. January 1999 (Group shows organized annually by’ All India Potter’s association)

  • Studio Pottery curated by Mrs. Sunita Shahney, Chennai. April 1998

  • Jahangir Art  Gallery, Bombay. August 1992   

  • Max Mueller Bhavan, Solo, Solo, Delhi. February 1989   

  • Max Mueller Bhavan, Solo, Calcutta. January 1987

  • Bajaj Art Gallery, Solo, Mumbai. March 1987

  • Max Mueller Bhavan, Solo,Pune. August 1986

Group Shows

  • "Dialog in Clay" curated by Japneet Keith, Chandigarh, March 2018

  • “Illusions” curated by Rekha Bajpai, Juneja Art gallery, Jaipur

  • “ Fossils” - Pune Potters at gallery Art2Day, Dec 2018

  • “Renaissance” curated by Varsha Munot, Pune, Feb 2018

  • “Earth Layers” - by Pune Potters, gallery Art2Day, Jan 2018,

  • “Born Of Fire” Curated by AFSA, Kolkata, November 2017

  • “Masks” Monalisa Art Gallery, curated by Lisa and Indranil, November 2017, Pune

  • Cluj Biennale 3rd edition- Art Work Selected Cluj, Romania. September 2017

  • “Junoon” Monalisa Art Gallery curated by Lisa Pingale, Women’s Day, Pune March 2017

  • “Mera wala BLUE” Gallery, Curated by Gauri Gandhi, Jan 2017 (Group Show),Pune

  • “Mrittika  3”- Bhopal curated by Rekha Bajpai, March 2015

  • “Poona Potter’s group” at Monalisa Art Gallery,, 2015 (Group Show)

  • “Pune Potter’s Group” Ayatana Art Gallery(Group Show) Pune, 2014    

  • “Renaissance Art Gallery”, annual show,Pune 2014

  • “Ishanya Art Gallery”, Pune, 2013

  • “Renaissance Art Gallery”,  Pune 2013

  • “ Delhi Blue”, Delhi 2012

  • “Studio Estique” ,Pune, ,Naked Raku 2008

  • “Apparao Art Gallery”, New Delhi annual show by All India Potter’s association , January 2000

  • Little Theatre Gallery, Delhi  annual show by’ All India Potter’s association . March 1995

  • “Delhi Blue Art Pottery” ,group show  Delhi. October 1994 group.


  • Alfa Laval, 200 sq. ft. (in collaboration with the fabricating team of Alfa laval)

  • Tetrapak, 4500 sq. ft.  (3 panels of thousands of stoneware glazed tiles)

  • Guestline hotel, 700 sq. ft. (rooftop wall overlooking the sea)

  • Mahindra resort, Munnar, approx.. 800 sq. ft. (stoneware tiles representing the landscape of tea gardens of Munnar)

  • Mahindra resort, Pondicherry, 200 sq. ft. (four panels of embossed Champa leaves)

  • Eklavya school magic tree, spanning over 150 sq. ft.

  • Progressive education school,(50-200 sq. ft.) four panels each representing a floral theme.  

  • Ajmera, Aria, approx. 150 sq. ft. (made of stoneware and delicately woven porcelain pieces)

  • Bajaj Finsery 4 panels distributed over 100 sq. ft including delicate floral forms

  • Many more in smaller restaurants and corporate offices