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As I stepped on to the roof top - this empty wall stared at me.

The sun blazed upon me.

the moisture laden air cooled me.

I experienced the vastness of Space & felt the rhythmic movements of nature.

I felt existence itself had  chosen me to add the missing element  EARTH.













The Mural clads an area of 700 sq ft on a wall overlooking the sea on a rooftop restaurant.

It consists of 3 major discs created from about 1200 glazed tiles. The diameters of discs vary from 10 ft to 15 ft.



















Cutting an numbering the wet tiles and creating a template so that each piece fits back into the large puzzle.










Scoping out extra clay from the back of the tile to reduce weight and to make space for the cement adhesion.







Finally the mural emerged.

A cyclical, rhythmic creation in eternity.

A textured, colourful completeness unto itself.










The 'chakras'- the nucleus from which all energy radiates moving outwards with no beginning and no end.

Life expands, it is cosmic and universal.