“I become one with clay and the space, what follows is an EXPERIENCE. I see myself as an instrument in bringing some order to the chaos created when the elements mingle.”

~ Ruby Jhunjhunwala

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Maharani Gayatri Devi Girl’s Public School, Jaipur (1967)

National level Hockey player, District level Volleyball

Distinction in Science and Arts

B. Sc. in Statistics Honors from Fergusson College, Pune (1970)

Graduated with distinction and stood second at State level.

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Ceramic School, Alfred University, upstate New York.

Trained as a post graduate student under renowned Ceramic Artist, Late Mr. Daniel Rhodes. I had the opportunity to interact with world renowned artists of that time. I also participated in the annual group show of the students which was very popular with Ceramic Art collectors of USA.



Delhi Blue Art Pottery
Trained under well-known Indian ceramists Gurcharan Singhji and Mansimran Singhji.


Family life took over, I chose to get married in a traditional Indian family and shifted home to Kolkata . I spent the next few years enjoying motherhood and family life. Although I could not work with clay, working & creating with my hands was natural to me. This kept me feeling positive and happy. I also devoted time to skill girls coming from the low SES in needlework and embroidery.

I further expressed my creative energy through techniques like Macramé, Batik, Gardening, Origami and Bonsai.  

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I returned to Pune and set up my own studio in a tiny garage which later evolved into a large space and got to be known under the brand of Adipa.

I held exhibitions and gradually set up a small boutique store by the name of Suraj. I collected arts and crafts from all over India for my store. It was the only boutique store in Pune in those times.


In the early 90s I came across the book ‘Environmental Ceramics’ by Stan Bitters, which inspired new avenues in the field of ceramics as wall sculptures. Following some experiments, I was given an opportunity by Mrs. Lila Poonawala to execute a grand mural for Alfa Laval. 

Now, many installations later, now as I see a large space I can instantly visualize a ceramic sculpture. 

 “I become one with the clay and the space that follows is an EXPERIENCE. I see myself only as an instrument in bringing some order to the chaos created when the 'Elements mingle.”

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I along with my engineer son Aditya, developed DIY products and name plates which are sold under the Brand name ADIPA a design studio for bespoke ceramic murals. This helped in making my studio financially independent.


I began focusing on inclusive and collaborative projects, taking clay to social spaces, I started having solo and group shows. My studio now became an open space for  mentoring design students from well known centres like NID (Ahmadabad), Jaipur design school 

I Also had students who came as exchange students from Columbia and across India.

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HER: Within and Without

This was the first collaborative project which was one of my largest installation art in a gallery space. It was a two-year collaboration with lens-based artist Shraddha Borawake.

This was followed by many more interesting Collaborations.


“Mutthi - a Fistful of Clay” 

Nine years ago my first grandson was born with Downs Syndrome, as he grew I began using clay to improve his muscle strength and motor skills. I found that our clay sessions not only helped improve Advait’s abilities, but also resulted in beautiful clay ‘mutthi’s  impressions ( a fistful of clay). These strtung together are my works of art for future installation work.  

Today, twice a month Adipa is transformed into a community space for people of different abilities, diverse backgrounds, and all ages.
“Over tea, snacks, and heaps of clay, we gather here to connect and understand one another from a perspective other than our own”.  


Cluj Bienalle 3rd edition- Art Work Selected, September 2017 Cluj, Romania.

The work was done in porcelain & stoneware tilted “ Layers”

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2017 Mutthi.JPG
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2018 - August

‘Woven Together’ was another collaborative work with 42 international artists and contemporary/kathak dancer Hrishikesh Pawar.

The concept was weaving together different works into cloth like forms (representing a warm quilt), thereby promoting the idea of Acceptance which is the main focus of our venture “ “Mutthi- a fistful of Clay

This project evolved very organically bringing in artists from across the world who contributed 36 (4” square tiles) which were curated, designed and woven together at my studio Adipa.  Many local artists got together to support and help me in this venture.

This entire work finally came together as a large installation which was exhibited at the “Juneja Art Gallery”, Jaipur.

This large spatial work received many accolades and has found a permanent space.


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1. Collaborations

1. “As a Pebble Surrenders , I accept” - A ceramic installation of 200 Ceramic pebbles & handmade paper art. Part of the Photosphere show at IHC Delhi, curated by Dr Alka Pande. India, February to march 2019.

2. “ Woven Together” a collaborative Installation work curated and conceptualized and executed by Ruby Jhunjhunwala , at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur, Rajasthan ,India. August 2018

3. “Windows” - Collaboration with Shraddha Borawake, June 2016

4. “Her Within and Without”- MonaLisa Art Gallery, collaboration with Shraddha Borawake, Nov 2015

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2. Solo shows

1. “Moon & me”  a solo exhibition at Vikas Studio , Pune, Maharashtra, India, February 2018

2. “ Stitch by Stitch” & Moons - Kolkata, group exhibition curated by Non Kulhad at HASC art Gallery, India. November 2018

3. “A Life well lived“ Adab Centre   2014

4. Studio Estique, Pune, Naked Raku 2009

5. Studio Pottery, solo  Cymroza Art, gallery, Mumbai. November 2000

6. Contemporary Arts And Crafts, Hyderabad Solo  November 1999*

7. Design Forum- Inside Outside Mega Show, Pune. January 1999 (Group shows organized annually by’ All India Potter’s association)

8. Studio Pottery curated by Mrs. Sunita Shahney, Chennai. April 1998

9. Jahangir Art  Gallery, Bombay. August 1992   

10. Max Mueller Bhavan, Solo, Solo, Delhi. February 1989   

11. Max Mueller Bhavan, Solo, Calcutta. January 1987

12. Bajaj Art Gallery, Solo, Mumbai. March 1987

13. Max Mueller Bhavan, Solo,Pune. August 1986


3. Group Shows

1. "Dialog in Clay" curated by Japneet Keith, Chandigarh, March 2018

2. “Illusions” curated by Rekha Bajpai, Juneja Art gallery, Jaipur

3. “Fossils” - Pune Potters at gallery Art2Day, Dec 2018

4. “Renaissance” curated by Varsha Munot, Pune, Feb 2018

5. “Earth Layers” - by Pune Potters, gallery Art2Day, Jan 2018,

6. “Born Of Fire” Curated by AFSA, Kolkata, November 2017

7. “Masks” Monalisa Art Gallery, curated by Lisa and Indranil, November 2017, Pune

8. Cluj Biennale 3rd edition- Art Work Selected Cluj, Romania. September 2017

9. “Junoon” Monalisa Art Gallery curated by Lisa Pingale, Women’s Day, Pune March 2017 

10. “Mera wala BLUE” Gallery, Curated by Gauri Gandhi, Jan 2017 (Group Show),Pune

11. “Mrittika  3”- Bhopal curated by Rekha Bajpai, March 2015

12. “Poona Potter’s group” at Monalisa Art Gallery,, 2015 (Group Show)

13. “Pune Potter’s Group” Ayatana Art Gallery(Group Show) Pune, 2014    

14. “Renaissance Art Gallery”, annual show,Pune 2014 

15. “Ishanya Art Gallery”, Pune, 2013

16. “Renaissance Art Gallery”,  Pune 2013

17. “Delhi Blue”, Delhi 2012

18. “Studio Estique” ,Pune, ,Naked Raku 2008

19. “Apparao Art Gallery”, New Delhi annual show by All India Potter’s association , January 2000

20. Little Theatre Gallery, Delhi  annual show by’ All India Potter’s association . March 1995

21. “Delhi Blue Art Pottery” ,group show  Delhi. October 1994 group.

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1. Alfa Laval, 200 sq. ft. (in collaboration with the fabricating team of Alfa laval)

2. Tetrapak, 4500 sq. ft.  (3 panels of thousands of stoneware glazed tiles)

3. Guestline hotel, 700 sq. ft. (rooftop wall overlooking the sea)

4. Mahindra resort, Munnar, approx.. 800 sq. ft. (stoneware tiles representing the landscape of tea gardens of Munnar)

5. Mahindra resort, Pondicherry, 200 sq. ft. (four panels of embossed Champa leaves)

6. Eklavya school magic tree, spanning over 150 sq. ft. 

7. Progressive education school,(50-200 sq. ft.) four panels each representing a floral theme.  

8. Ajmera, Aria, approx. 150 sq. ft. (made of stoneware and delicately woven porcelain pieces)

9. Bajaj Finsery 4 panels distributed over 100 sq. ft including delicate floral forms

10. Many more in smaller restaurants and corporate offices