Ceramic Artist & her son Aditya believe it is patience and the Art of Listening to the other that helps a relationship blossom.

Beauty in a Blanket:

This collaborative installation project serves as an education for every viewer who sees not just the Godhead or the process of its making but feels compelled to think about something local yet global, rudimentary yet profound.

Pottering around

A chance meeting with the great Daniel Rhodes first sparked off her interest in pottery and today, Ruby Jhunjhunwala is one of the few master designers of pottery in the country.

Pune Digest 1996

Ruby Jhunjhunwala displays a maturity and clarity of vision that is surprising in an amateur.

Clay has the power to grip one’s very being. I guess it is the same quality as that of mother earth that keeps us all grounded.

Unlike other ceramic shows where touching and feeling artworks is , this show allows users to touch & experience.

“If things are delicate, you will touch them delicately. There are all kinds of people in this world. Broken pieces also have to be accepted.”

And thus, on one canvas, began the dynamic exchange between the bodies of work of two artists that experimented with two completely different mediums.

It requires the artistic clarity to visualize an entire scenario of ideas in the form of the different shapes and colours that make up a mural and an ability to plan and execute the scheme over a long period of time.

“I know now that every moment of happiness and enjoyment is a success for me”

There is no attempt of subtle conveniences, only magical, cheerful energy flowing back and forth in the space.

Clay : Off the Wall (Gallery Art & Soul) – At this group show tableware becomes art. Out of 90 works and 30 artists Ruby’s work was chosen as it symbolizes the sharing and dissolving of boundaries between societies.