Long and Short, 

Thick and thin

Suspended clusters, evenly spaced,

with flowing forms and earthy shades.

Oversized ceramic needles,

that cast dagger like shadows. 

As I walk on the soft soothing sand,

the needles brush against each other,

creating a resonating sound,

filling the space with a healing pulse.

As tears trickle down,

I hold on to my bundle of joy,

my special little grandson.

Special he is…

I don’t know why…

Filled with fear and denial,

I clutch on to a hope…a wish,

for a metaphysical sign, 

to reverse the situation.

When life seems hopeless,

how do I mend & redefine?

Stitch by stitch I mend the damaged,

Stitch by stitch I create anew.


Ruby’s first grandchild was born with Trisomy 21.

Excitement soon gave way to anguish and denial as the doctors informed that he was Special. It has taken many years to recognise what this means for them as a family. The love for her grandson has only strengthened with time.

This work is an ode to that moment; that moment when one hopes for light rain and gentle showers but thunderstorms appear instead, engulfing one with them.