Releasing and letting go,

to create a space.

A space that is both empty

and ready to receive.

Where ideas come and go,

watchful egos that float in and out.

Senses that feel and emotions that rise and fall,

like a wave that warmly caresses you,

before you once again find your balance:


“Woven Together” is this, and more…

It is not about me,

not about you,

nor about them.

“Woven Together” is about us.

Woven Together “ is a tangible creative outcome of a collaborative journey that was started a few years ago –

“Mutthi – a fistful of Clay”

As Ruby and Hrishikesh (Kathak and Contemporary Dancer) have meandered through this creative journey, together they have imbibed the sentiments of the two different mediums, the soft, cool malleable clay, and the graceful movements of the dancing body.

42 Artists from across the globe have worked with a sense of oneness, giving Ruby the freedom to curate and weave together their work into fabric like forms speaking a single language- a language of love, caring and acceptance.

Hence, “Woven Together” is an experiential installation which endears you to move within and explore your own feelings and realisations.

Using the elements of ceramics, imagery, dance, movement, music and community, the collaborative work triggers a sense of awareness and curiosity that eventually leads to ‘acceptance’.

Watch video here.