Koel in my back yard

It is already 8.20 Friday morning – 27th March 2020.

I too have slowed down as there seems no urgency.

After watching the news for a while last night there was a sense of doom about the covid19 taking over the world.

But this morning my backyard is filled with sounds of little birds chirping.

At a distance, a Koel is heralding the spring season.

A few young kids in the neighbouring building are splashing in the water – no school. It is a total shut down.

But in my back yard, the lotus pond is getting more visitors right from the big black crows to the red-bottomed bulbuls and tiny love birds. So many other birds whose call I don’t recognise.

20 years ago when we shifted in our house these 100 acres were a declared bird sanctuary and now it is a prime location with fancy tall building and societies. We are the only house.

We had roosters with hundreds of parakeets – I saw a pair in a distance after years. After all there is some positive energy that continues to surround.

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