Frozen in time is a conceptual term.

Time is only an illusion – Art is an event that happens during a period of existence.

The question of conquering Time (that which is a relative term) is itself an illusion. My work is neither a victim nor a victor of TIME.

It is simply an objective presentation of how I relate with the world around me at that point/time of my existence.

Time can be both a series of Frozen moments like Layers of experiences which make the whole as it appears in the NOW. Time being an Illusion, or a concept or a series of continuous experiences it can be in the continuum. Like a swirling Dervish moves round and round time seems both frozen in a continuous moment. All my work is a response to the feeling of that moment. I experience a thought and a vision and that translates in strange ways into the work I do. My work is generally very organic and fluid. Leaving and seeing the hand marks of the creator/artist on the work is something I relish.

  • Gallery

    Threshold Art Gallery, Delhi

  • Catalogue Text by

    Minhazz Majumdar

  • Curated by

    Tunty Chauhan

  • Date

    16th November to 24th December 2019