An impressive mural spanning over 4500 sq ft covers the facade of the Tretrapak, Takave-Pune office.  Executed in three large panels of 9×90 and two rectangular panels of 14×20 which represent daily products that are tetra packed like natural juices, oil and dairy, the artwork is an ode to nature and its benevolent bounty.

Thousands of glazed tiled pieces assembled together at the tetra pack site resulted in the completion of this massive mural from conception to cladding in a record time of six months.

The entire length of this mural was done in individual panels ranging between 10 -15ft and the used energy symbols of spirals, wave and flight to maintain the seamless flow of the theme.

The central panel was executed as separate sections of glazed tiles while partially glazed green tiles and broken refractory tiles were used to embellish the background.

The installation of the design started from the centre of the entire panel to enable perfect alignment and wooden as well as steel pegs were used to hold the weight of the mural pieces as they were being cemented on.